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Roofing Inspection and Maintenance Program

Remove Debris

Roofing InspectionMost reliable roofing contractors will offer a free roofing inspection followed the details of an maintenance work that needs to be done. Here are some of the things covered in an professional roofing  inspection. Remove all debris such as leaves, fallen twigs, children’s toys and dad’s golf balls from the roof and gutter. Examine all roof/siding penetrations such as chimneys, wall flashings, ventilation units, exhaust fans, skylights, and valleys. Note any loose shingles/siding panels, note loose or damaged shingles. Check to assure proper ventilation has been installed and functioning properly. Clean ‘wash’ the roof/siding if needed, even shingles. ‘Algae Resistant’ coatings in the best of conditions will begin to stain over time, as will all the best sidings, including vinyl. You should be informed  ‘in writing’ of any repairs that need to be made.


Professional Roofing Inspection and Maintenance Will Save Money:

  • Prolonging the lifespan of your roof/siding/gutters by years.
  • Finding and solving problems sooner rather than later.
  • Decreasing your chances of interior damage that are frequently caused by roof/siding leaks.
  • Eliminate the cosmetic eyesores of missing and damaged materials.
  • Add a selling point should you decide to sell.
  • Possible discount point for your insurance company.

Recommended Schedule For Routine Maintenance:

  • Twice per year in a wooded area.
  • Twice per year in a high wind area.
  • Once per year if neither one or two apply to your area.

If your roof/siding/gutters are installed correctly, you can get away with less frequent maintenance, but your roof and gutters still collect debris throughout the year. Routine maintenance is an essential part of achieving the full life-span of your roofing system.