Month: March 2018

Keeping The Pool Clean and Healthy

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is something that every owner of a swimming pool should consider a top priority. Ignoring this vital aspect of pool ownership will ensure that your pool does not last as long as it could, and turn what could have been an incredibly beautiful experience into a disgusting pool of filth and bacteria.

Daily Duties of Pool Keeper:

Skimming every day can help in reduction of excessive debris buildup and help in keeping the filtration system healthy and effective. Check the plumbing near the filtration and pump section for any leaks, as this could result in a mishap. Do this every couple of days. The water pressure gauge should be monitored to maintain the required water pressure.

Weekly Duties:

There can be a considerable loss of water due to splashing and evaporation over a few days. So make sure you monitor the water level on a weekly basis. Keeping an eye on the water quality will keep your pool safe. Therefore, monitor the Ph Balance of the water using a suitable test strip and clean the pump strainer basket and skimmer basket to remove all waste. These actions will ensure cleanliness and also improve the life of the system.

Pool Tile Calcium Removal

Pool tile calcium removal is an accessible and affordable service professionals offer. Calcium stains occur around the top edge of a pool and look like white or gray crusty deposits. If left in place they may result in permanent stains on the tile as well as causing the pool to look dirty and unattractive.. Pool tile calcium removal and pool tile cleaning should be done periodically as the calcium deposits can return.

Back Washing

There is also back-washing and deck washing to consider with swimming pool maintenance, but with the available tools and services, no matter whether doing it oneself or enlisting professionals, the goal of a clean and safe pool is achievable. Swimming pool maintenance is much less taxing if adhered to consistently, as the resulting economic fun of a backyard pool trumps thoughts of a poorly maintained green and neglected mess.