Month: January 2018

Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage is Difficult to Remove

Clean up after having a fire in your home, no matter how small or large can be a difficult undertaking. In addition to fire damage, you also have to look at the amount of smoke damage that has occurred to your home. After a fire, the smell of smoke can be permanently set in your clothing and furniture which can cause you to spend a great deal of money in cleaning bills to remove the odor or require you to purchase new clothing or furniture altogether.

The Smoke Damage Removal Should Be Covered By Insurance

Smoke damage will often be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy under your fire insurance. Many homeowners’ insurance policies will cover fire damage, as well as the smoke damage done to your home. In most cases, a company will allow money to help you with fire damage restoration, as well money allotted to hire a local water damage restoration contractor to help with fire damage cleanup.

Get a Professional Estimate

When first assessing the damage to your home after a fire it might be hard to determine exactly the extent of smoke damage that has occurred to your home. For this reason, many fire insurance companies will often give you a little leeway with your claim to find additional smoke, as well as fire damage that you may not have noticed at the start. But, remember that adjuster works for and is paid by the insurance company. It’s a good idea to have an experienced fire damage restoration contractor do an xactimate professional estimate of the damage. Xactimate is the Insurance Industry’s most comprehensive estimating software. If your roof was damaged you need a local roofing contractor to help with the estimate.

The Sooner the Cleanup Begins the Better

Regardless of what your insurance company is going to cover one of the first steps toward the restoration of your home after a fire is to begin some sort of cleanup process. Opening windows and airing your home out can begin to let out some of the smoke smell as well as help dry out items that may have been covered in water. Try wiping off surfaces of counters and other furniture to remove smoke and other fire debris, as well as use a small brush or vacuum to remove smoke particles from your carpet and upholstery. A fire can cause a great deal of damage to your home. Starting your clean up early can help minimize the long-term damage to your home, and help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible.